JCLC Historical Perspective

The origin of the Jefferson County, Kentucky League of Cities dates to the adoption of a Constitution and By-Laws on February 25, 1955.  The entity was formerly known as The Jefferson County Government Conference and was incorporated as such in December 1987 when a Certificate of Incorporation was issued by then Kentucky Secretary of State Drexell Davis.  The organizational name was changed to  Jefferson County League of Cities in October 1989 when a Certificate of Incorporation was issued in that name by then Secretary of State Bremer Ehrler.

The mission of the organization was established in 1955 and continues to the present day as stated in the organization’s current By-Laws, “To promote effective, representative governmental services throughout Jefferson County, Kentucky through training, education, information and the exchange of ideas.”

The modern governmental structure of Jefferson County, Kentucky features a city-county government which originated in 2003 when the City of Louisville and the area of the Jefferson County outside the original City of Louisville merged to form Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government.  At the time more than eighty incorporated municipalities existed in the area of Jefferson County outside the City of Louisville.  Those cities continue as distinct entities to the present day, and provide a variety of municipal services supplementing those provided by Louisville-Jefferson County Metro.  As such, for over fifty-five years the Jefferson County League of Cities and its predecessor organizations have worked diligently to provide representation and assistance for cities to better local government in a variety of forums including the provision of training, education, information and the exchange of ideas to members involved with and interested in the improvement of representative government in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Jefferson County League of Cities By-Laws

Note: The proposed amendments to the JCLC By-laws are listed below in Bold following the current section in brackets to be amended.

Article 1 – Name
The name of this organization shall be the Jefferson County League of Cities, Inc.

Article II – Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote effective, representative governmental services throughout Jefferson County through training, education, information and the exchange of ideas.

Article III – Membership
All Cities of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th class of the Home Rule Class in Jefferson County and Louisville-Jefferson County Metro government will be eligible for Active membership in this organization. Associate members are individuals, governmental agencies, County legislative bodies, businesses, no-profit and community  based organizations whose membership application is approved by the League Board.

A member City shall be eligible for representation on the Board by its Mayor or his/her appointed representative. An appointed representative may come from the City Council/Commission, City Clerk or City Administrative Officer/City Manager. Only duly elected or appointed representatives shall be eligible for Board membership and their name must be submitted in writing by the City Mayor to the President of League prior to the League Board annual elections.  Delete [  ]

The League shall have two (2) membership classifications: 1.) Active; 2.) Associate. Delete [  ]

Active members shall be those Cities who perform the duties commensurate with the operation of a municipality as defined in the Kentucky Revised Statutes and have paid their current annual League dues as defined by the League Board. Active members shall have voting privileges and be eligible to hold Board position and office. Each active member in good standing may send representatives to a League Board meeting but shall  be entitled to one (1) vote on the League Board by the duly elected representative.

Associate members are individuals or groups as defined in these by-laws and who are current in payment of annual dues. They are entitled to all the benefits of League membership except voting privileges and League Board/Officer membership.

Article IV – Membership Dues
Annual membership dues of the Jefferson County League of Cities shall be payable each July 1,beginning date of fiscal year. Payment of dues is one of the criteria for Active membership in good standing. Active member status may be suspended by the Executive Committee after a three month delinquency period and written notification from the Board President unless deemed otherwise by the Board.

The annual membership shall be set by a majority of the total Board membership and approved by the Active members. The Board Secretary must notify current active members in good standing with a written notice of the meeting being sent a least ten days in advance of the meeting. Active member dues will be based on the [class size] Population of a City.

Associate members dues will be set by the League Board on business, non-profit, or government status. Neighborhood and community organizations shall fall under the non-profit category. Active and Associate members shall be placed on the membership rolls of the League by the Board Secretary upon receipt of their dues. Any new members joining throughout the year will be required to pay the total annual amount.


Article V – Meetings
The Annual Meeting of the League for the election of Board members and officers shall be held in February of each year. The day, time and location of the meeting will be determined by the Board of Directors. There shall be at least five (5) additional monthly meetings of the League each year as set by the Board of Directors. All Board and General meetings are open to Active and Associate members and guests. However, a Board meeting may go into Executive Session by a majority vote of those Board members present and voting.

Special Board or General meetings of the League may be called by the President of the League, one-third of the Board of Directors or by application in writing to the Board Secretary of at least 20% of the active members. The Secretary shall immediately all a special meeting of the League on receipt of such application, providing the date for the meeting is not less than ten (10) days from the date  the application was filed with the Secretary.


Article VI – Officers/Directors/Staff
As provided in the Constitution, the officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and ten (10) Executive Board members. All shall be elected for a term of two years by a majority vote of the membership at the annual meeting of the League.

The President, Vice-President and five Board [members] positions shall be elected in even years. The Secretary, Treasurer and five Board positions shall be elected in odd years. Election to office does not affect the voting privileges of the officers. The incumbent officers in any year shall continue to hold their respective offices until their successors are elected and qualified. If those incumbent officers lose official status in their own City, they will continue to serve as long as they remain the appointed representative of their respective City. Any officer or director who misses three consecutive unexcused meetings within a year shall be removed from the Board by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board.

In addition to the elected officers who shall be chosen as prescribed above, the immediate past president of the League shall serve as a member of the Board in the position of “Past President”. Should there be no immediate past president due to the previous president being elected to any other position, either as an officer or Board Member, then the position of Past President shall not be filled. The immediate past president must meet all other criteria established for officers and/or Board Members in order to serve.

A City may only one representative at a time on the League Board of Directors. A City representative elected to the League Board shall be eligible to hold office as long as his/her City is an Active member in good standing.

Should a vacancy occur in any office or the Board of Directors, such vacancy may be filled for the unexpired term by the Board of Directors subject to the approval of the majority of the members present at the next general membership meeting or the Board of Directors may fill the opening by calling for an election by the general membership which will follow the regular election guidelines.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the League and his/her efforts shall be directed to conducting an orderly meeting, efficient disposition of business, and to restrain irrelevant and immaterial digression from the business agenda and provide the leadership to carry out the policy and direction determined by the members and Board of Directors. The President shall serve as the official spokesman for the League on Board approved policies and programs.

The Vice-President shall preside at the meetings of the League in the absence of the President and while presiding his/her responsibilities shall be the same as those of the President. The Vice-President may be given special program responsibilities as designated by the President and approved by the Board.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the League and the Board of Directors, sending all notices to members, and performing such duties as are usually associated with such office. The Secretary shall be responsible for monitoring the official records of the League which will be stored with the League Administrative Clerk or designated staff person.

The Treasurer shall handle all funds of the League, present a monthly financial statement to the Board and oversee an audit of League as prescribed by the Board. He/she and the Finance Committee shall present an annual budget review to the Board at its first Board meeting after the end of the League fiscal year.

The Secretary and the Treasurer, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may appoint an assistant or assistants to help with the duties of their offices, if it shall be necessary and desirable.

Executive Committee: The elected officers of the Board: President, Vice-President,

Secretary and Treasurer, along with the immediate past President, shall comprise membership on the Board Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will meet at the call of the President; review and approve the Board meeting agenda; implement League policies/programs as directed by the Board; review League finances/programs in the absence of a monthly Board meeting; advise the President and Board on adoption of League positions on policy issues and monitor League staff.

The League Executive Director, Administrative Clerk and all other staff positions shall report to the Board of Directors and be held accountable for implementation of their position descriptions by the Executive Committee. The Executive Director may serve as spokesman for the League at the direction of the President.

The Executive Director will be responsible for implementing the government relations program of the League as approved and defined by the Board. He/she will be the chief staff person to implement the policies and programs of the Board and facilitate Board Committees as outlined in a position description. He/she will oversee regular program reports to the Board by staff and Committees and manage the staff and administrative functions of the League. He/she will serve as the League liaison to the Kentucky League of Cities and government officials.

The Administrative Clerk will report to the Executive Director or to the Executive Committee in the absence of an Executive Director. He/she shall assist the Board Secretary and Treasurer in their officer position responsibilities and will prepare and oversee all Board and League meeting mailings. He/she will carry out other duties as defined in a position description.

All League staff positions will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Board Executive Committee and a review report will be presented to the Board at its meeting following the annual review.


Article VII – Rules of Order
The proceedings of all business meetings conducted by the League or its various committees and the Board of Directors shall be governed by Roberts Revised Rules of Order.


Article VIII – Conduct of Business
The Board of Directors shall be the policy making body of the League. Officers and Directors shall be the only voting representatives of this body. A majority must be present to conduct business.

All matters of business of the League shall be referred by the President to the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee for study, report and recommendation.

All policy statements and positions of the League must have been approved by the Board of Directors and/or the general membership.

All Jefferson County League of Cities’ business may be conducted by the League Board of Directors as prescribed in the By-laws. The Board Executive Committee may meet in months where there is no Board or General meeting and may conduct the business of the League in accordance with the By-laws.

The Standing Committees may include, but are not limited to those listed below, and shall be appointed by the President in March of each year. All such appointments must be confirmed by the Board of Directors.

*Membership                                   *Communications/Newsletter

*Finance                                           *Program & Annual Dinner Meeting

*Government Relations

Every Committee shall consist of a Chairman and a number appropriate to the responsibilities of the Committee. A member may be Chairman of only one standing committee at a time; however, he/she may serve as a member of more than one committee at a time.

Committees will report to the Board through the President and Executive Director. The functions of each committee will be set by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board. Committees will set their program agenda and make regular reports to the Board of Directors and the League. Committees will make an annual report of activities to the Board at its last meeting of the fiscal year. Committee recommendations will be reviewed and acted upon by the Board of Directors prior to presentation to the membership of the League.

Committee status and/or membership may be dissolved and/or reorganized upon recommendation to the Board of Directors by the President or Executive Committee because of inactivity or activities contrary to Board policies. No later than November of each year, the Board Executive Committee shall appoint, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, a Nominating Committee consisting of not less than three Board members in good standing. This Committee will be responsible for nominating members in good standing for League Officer and Board positions in accordance with the guidelines prescribed in these By-laws. Members of the Nominating Committee are not eligible to be nominated by the Nominating Committee for a Board officer position; however, they are eligible for nomination from the floor a the scheduled meeting for elections. The Nominating Committee will present to the Board Executive Committee written guidelines for election procedures which shall be approved by the Board of Directors. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be given to all Board and Active members present at the January meeting. Board and Officer Elections will occur at the February meeting and additional nominations may be made from the floor at this meeting. League Active members will be notified by the Board of Directors by mail, prior to the regularly scheduled January meeting, if extraordinary circumstances require a change in the month of the elections as prescribed in these by-laws.

The League financial statement is to be reviewed at each regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting. The Treasurer will detail all expenses and income and compare to the budget and present any variances. All expenses will have been approved according to the guidelines of the Treasurer and require a submission of a receipt and/or approved voucher.

The League President, or a majority of the Board Executive Committee, may direct the Finance Committee to audit the League books annually or as he/she deems necessary.

The Finance Committee shall be charged with the preparation of an Annual Budget to be presented for approval by the Board of Director and general membership. The Board of Directors will review the proposed Annual Budget prior to the June meeting and the proposed Annual Budget will be approved by the general membership no later than the regularly scheduled meeting in June. The Finance Committee shall also oversee compliance with any required regulatory reporting.  


Article IX – Funds
All League funds shall be invested and accounted for in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors. Financial reports shall be submitted to the League at its general meeting. The League financial records shall be examined or  audited at least once with a four year period as [defined] directed by the Board.


Article X – Amendments

These By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any annual, regular or special meeting of the League, provided the proposed change is included with a written notices of the meeting sent out to each member in good standing at least ten days in advance of the meeting.

Constitution and By-laws adopted by the Jefferson County League of Cities, February 25, 1955.

Revised – June, 1955
Revised – January, 1957
Revised – March, 1958
Revised – May, 1962
Revised – August, 1968
Revised – February, 1974
Revised – April, 1980
Revised – June, 1989
Revised – June, 1992
Revised – November, 1996
Revised – March, 2000
Revised – June, 2006
Revised – January, 2015